- affordable systems, significantly less capital and resources needed to deploy
- eliminates the need for expensive new equipment by extending life of legacy system
- reduces cost for LMR radios by utilizing COTS broadband, mobile and fixed devices
- reduces monthly operating costs on average by a factor of 16:1
- replaces and backs-up costly microwave, wire line and T1 connections

- extend LMR PTT coverage anywhere broadband or dialup is available, fixed or mobile
- bolster existing in-building coverage and connect microcells to main coverage areas

- allows for the continued use of existing legacy two-way radio equipment
- converts laptop/desktop workstations and mobile devices into soft radios

- expand coverage area of existing two-way radios so no one is ever out of range
- expand user-base of two-way radio system by adding mobile and fixed computer users
- instant interoperability creates enhanced capability to collaborate during an emergency

- easy to setup and install, intuitive to use
- statewide and regional interoperability can be achieved in hours instead of weeks
- more use of everyday interoperability means greater efficiency, value and discipline

- vendor-, frequency- and network-neutral technology means our products will work with
  any other equipment, LMR or mobile broadband assets
- provides mobile PTT communications anytime, worldwide
- utilize basic internet or WAN, no static IP address including dialup, WWAN and SAT
Unified Communications
Critical RF interoperability and enhanced PTT communication solutions based on RoIP technology provide a host of benefits to its users including:
Reduced costs

Greater coverage 

Better use of existing resources

Increased safety

Saves time