Critical RF solutions were some of the first seen in the commercial industry to offer internet linking, interoperability, and soft-PTT over cellular data and Wi-Fi. We have been providing our turnkey systems to government and other industries since 2003. Our solutions have been installed in state and local government agencies, as well as universities, hospitals, ambulances, school busses, and private security forces. A partial list of customers using our solution is shown below.

State and Local GovernmentEducation
    Benton, Arkansas  University of Mississippi
    State of New Hampshire Kentucky State University Police
    Virginia Air National Guard     Florida International University
    Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG) Police
    Broward County, Florida Los Angeles School System
    State of Tennessee/Air National Guard  
       (current demo)Healthcare
    City of Brentwood, TennesseeVA Hospital (Bay area trial)
    Rutherford County EMS, Tennessee       Florida Department of Health
    Seminole Indian Tribe
     Other Commercial
    Federal   Apple
    US Department of Agriculture APHIS              303 Taxi
    Fort Eustis

Because of Critical RF ...., we were able to accomplish much more ... and save over $15 million... "

Wayne S. Hunter
Lake County, Illinois regional Homeland Security Director

"We chose Critical RF because their solution provides interoperability anywhere we need it. Their system is cost-effective compared to other offerings."

Bob Strickland

"This is a valuable tool...[he] was able to monitor the developmnets at the scene during the entire time it took for him to arrive ...."

Ron Gardella
Public Safety MIS Coordinator, City of Waukegan
Unified Communications